Havering: making a greater London

Kathryn was commissioned by 3FoxInternational to design a brochure for Havering Council in east London. The Council is seeking a joint venture with a development company to build 3,500 new homes, as part of their £1 billion housing plan over the next 15 years.

The completion of the Crossrail project and introduction of the new Elizabeth line will further bolster the borough’s profile by providing high-speed access to central London from three of the borough’s stations, putting Havering firmly on the map.

Havering booklet a-w 6.03Havering booklet a-w 6.03-2Havering booklet a-w 6.03-3Havering booklet a-w 6.03-4Havering booklet a-w 6.03-5Havering booklet a-w 6.03-6

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