Tate Education materials

Tate offer a wide programme of courses, workshops, talks, discussions and film screenings. Working closely with the Education Marketing team at Tate, bi-monthly leaflets were produced to publicise these popular events at Tate Britain and Tate Modern. A rich and diverse selection of imagery was included in each edition, but most important was the clear communication of key information – date, time and location.

C&W-Summer 04-coverF&P-Apr-May 04-coverpdfF&P$Apr-May 04$3rd proof-2F&P$Apr-May 04$3rd proof-6F&P$Apr-May 04$3rd proof-7F&P$Apr-May 04$3rd proof-8Talks & Discussions coverT&D$Apr-May 04 a$w-2T&D$Apr-May 04 a$w-3T&D$Apr-May 04 a$w-9T&D$Apr-May 04 a$w-11T&D$Apr-May 04 a$w-12Tate KS5 update-1Tate KS5 update-2

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