John Lewis till wall graphics

Kathryn was commissioned by the Brand Creative department within John Lewis to design point-of-sale graphics, primarily for the large wall behind till banks in store. These areas had, on the whole, had been under-utilised, and there was a desire to produce a series of simple images that represented each department.

Baby till bank 2 - Oxford Street smBaby_1782x7576 smToys till bank – Oxford Street smToys_1782x7576 smBed + bath_1782x7576 smSports_1782x7576 smMenswear-comp - Oxford Street scarf smMenswear to fit Oxford Street shot-scarfStoryboard-women's smFashion advisor-storyboard new smNursery advice-storyboard new smLingerie-storyboard new smSB Furniture-1.08.11 smSB Original Artwork-27.07.11 option smSchoolwear SB-21.07.11-d sm

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